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Solution Partners

Are you a web designer or creative agency offering services enhancing website development such as Flash, photography or writing? Are you looking to expand the range of services offered to your clients or bring in more clients in general? If so, Tao Interactive’s Solution Partner program is for you.

One of the greatest benefits of being a Solution Partner is not giving up any of your business's individuality or identity to become a Partner or use taoCMS™ Web Content Manager. taoCMS is completely customizable allowing you to control everything down to the color scheme and logo appearance. The CMS your customers log into and see will appear as though it is your business.

Another great benefit is that taoCMS gives Partners the ability to design and build their own websites without HTML or other source codes and alleviates the headache of investing hundreds of dollars in a content management system that is not customizable. Although there are starter templates that you may make use of, the taoCMS program allows you to create your own templates and site designs using many applications such as Dreamweaver, GoLive, Photoshop, and Illustrator and input them into the system. taoCMS will never hinder your creativity or uniqueness.

Finally, the cost of the Solution Partner program is one of the great features. There is no initial buy-in to use the system and no quota of sites you must sell to maintain your status as Partner. There are no royalities to pay Tao Interactive or any other Partners. Setup and hosting fees are charged through you or Tao Interactive directly to the customers. What you charge to build, design, and/or maintain your customer's websites is your profit.

Become a Solution Partner

Benefits of the program:
• Branded content management
• Hosting discounts 
• No setup fees
• Banner ad promotion
• Tradeshow promotion
• Lead generation
• Advanced access to upcoming features

A unique aspect of this program is the way the Partners work together When you become a Tao Interactive Solution Partner, you are no longer alone in a sea of website designers, you become a fish in a pond with many others to call on should the need arise. Tao Interactive realizes everyone has their own areas of expertise and may offer a different variety of services to their customers. The Solution Partner program creates a pool of resources of specialized services for those in the program to utilize.



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